Why Use Professional Photography?

A Wall Street Journal blog post recently stated that homes with ‘nicer’ photographs typically did better than those shot with low-end cameras and lack of general photographic skills.

What if I need an additional image?

While it is usually not time or cost effective to revisit a property, we are more than happy to accommodate additional photography whenever possible. If the need for additional images is due to an obvious oversight by ourselves, there will be no charge to make the correction.

What if it is cloudy the day of the shoot?

While sunlight is by far the ideal lighting for exterior photography, the interior images will turn out just fine on a cloudy day. The soft light sifting through the windows will only add to the appeal of the interior images. The exteriors can be revisited on another day but in most cases are great images.


We are available 5 days a week. Monday through Friday.  Shoots can be scheduled for Saturdays.

How soon can I expect to receive my images?

In most cases, images processed and ready for delivery the same or the following day. In some rare instances, it may take up to two days to process and deliver images.

How do I get the images?

Delivery Method available:

  • Email (containing download links)
How big are the images? Will they work with MLS?

I currently deliver images in three different pixel sizes for email, internet and printing. I am happy to deliver at any other size you may require. (Note that larger file sizes will increase the delivery time if via e-mail or download.)

How many images do you shoot?

Depending on the number of images you have ordered I deliver up to that number, but not more.  It is possible that I shoot a few more than the maximum number of images. This allows me to shoot quickly on site and then edit later to find the best view of a particular room.

What other photography services do you offer?

Call with your needs.

What Shoot Packages are available?

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